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Kayasiddhi Yoga


Kaya means the physical body. Siddhi means to get ready. That means to prepare the physical body for the Realisation of God or to attain Moksh.

This Kaya Siddhi Yoga is a wonderful technique practiced by the Ancient Yogis, Rishis and Siddhas of South India. This is simplified and handed over to modern society by the grace of our Gurus.

Sexual vital fluid (Shukra Dhathu-in Sanskrit) spread all over the body in men and women as shukla & shonitha.  By making this fluid thick and increasing its reserve, the life force and bio-magnetic reserves of the body are greatly boosted.  This makes the body strong and rejuvenated.  The sexual potency is increased, but craving for it is reduced.  This practice helps the practitioner to be relieved of and prevent all sorts of diseases, and clear off old age problems.

Regular practitioner of Kaya Siddhi Yoga will get potent and robust physique, good health, Ojuss, and rejuvenation.  Those who practice Kaya Siddhi since childhood escape the influence of ageing.  They will have longevity of life and will be able to postpone their death.  Stable mind, good self control, celibacy, strong will power, concentration, enormous memory would be achieved.  This practice would be of great help in reaching the goals of life and in progressing in the spiritual path.

When one of the couple (husband or wife) practices Kaya Siddhi regularly and sufficiently, they can have birth control as per their wish.  The genetic center will be purified and they could get healthy, intellectual and best offspring.

Kaya Siddhi practice is a priceless boon to nuns, those who choose to live alone for the rest of life as Brhamachari, Sanyasi or those who dedicate their lives for spiritual or social service.

Any person irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or gender, who completed 14 years of age, can practice this.  Any sort of spiritual back ground or practices are not mandatory.  Simply you can learn only Kaya Siddhi and practice regularly to get all the above explained benefits.  This has to be learnt from Guru directly. To practice this technique you need to spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.

Lakhs of people have practiced this Divine Art and leading their lives with success, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

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