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        The Divine Knowledge perceived by our Ancient Rishis and Yogis through Enlightenment is modified by Yogiraj Sri Vedadri Maharshi into simple procedures to enable everyone in this modern age to practice and get the benefits. With this noble concept in his mind, Guru Sri Nageswara Maharshi has still simplified this yogic education and introduced as Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga; and to make it accessible to all, he established an Ashramam by name Siddha Vidya Peettham on the bank of River Krishna, in Papavinasanam Village, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India.


With this noble concept of sharing to all the unlimited and virtuous benefits of practicing Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga, regular training programs are conducted in an institutional manner.

Training programs are designed :

  • To enable the aspirant to deal with all the miseries in life efficiently and come out of the problems completely.
  • To provide practices suitable to alleviate physical and mental stress of the present day to the people belonging to different communities of the society irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and gender. And guide them to know the ultimate goal of life
    i.e., Self Realisation or Moksh.

    To impart yoga and meditation, a personality development training along with virtues and skills to all the teenagers in the society. To teach them ‘Kaya Siddhi Yoga’ i.e. recycling of sexual vital fluid so that their physical stamina, mental stature, self-confidence, self-control, and concentration would improve enormously, consequent to which future generation would be enriched.

  • Helping the spiritual aspirants to get in-depth knowledge and awareness about the birth and death cycle, cause and effect theory and guide them to progress in the spiritual path and enable them to reach the goal of life.
Through the practice of yoga and meditation alone, one can get individual peace, family peace which ultimately leads to peace in the society. Siddha Vidya Peettham Ashram is aptly suitable for you to spend few days in a peaceful, solitary, and pleasant atmosphere, where you can go into yourself, try to understand yourself to attain physical, mental relaxation and the ultimate spiritual progression.

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