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About Guru


Siddha Yogi Sri Nageswara Maharshi was born in a Telugu family in Vijayawada, a South Indian city, in 1957.  His birth happened as an answer to the prayers of a magnanimous couple namely Sri Kanchupilla Kanakaiah and Smt. Kasi Annapurna, for a divinely blessed child.

He was an avid reader in a wide range of subjects including philosophy, religion, and social sciences, and he perused legendary Hindu scriptures such as Ashta Dasha Maha Puranas, Vedas, Bhagavadgeetha etc; still, his intensified thirst for Divine Knowledge was unquenched.  Since childhood, Maharshi’s zist of life experience and an unquenchable thirst for the almighty have progressively made him Spiritually Enlightened.

Unquestionably, his teachings synthesizing his life experiences and worldly knowledge with Divine Knowledge are incomparable and highly effective.  For the past 25 years, Sri Nageswara Maharishi has been radiating his divine and magnificent message of God to disciples from South Indian states of AP & Telangana, through respective Yoga Centres.  It is quite common sight that devoted disciples are magnetized towards Maharshi from all professions, religions and cults.

 He has instituted a systematic step by step set of guidelines for easy incorporation of Kundalini Yoga into daily lives of all those who are interested.  Through his regular speeches and writings Maharshi delivers priceless knowledge about the Eternal and inherent Nature of God so that Divine Knowledge can easily be reached to everyone in the society. 

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