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Sanathana Dharma

“ఈ మానవ జన్మ నీకెందుకు వచ్చినదో, లేక ఏ కార్య సాధన కొరకు ఈ మానవశరీరము నీకు ఇవ్వబడినదో ఆ కార్యమును సాధింపుము. మానవశరీరము ఆత్మసాక్షాత్కారము పొందుటకు ఇవ్వబడినది. మానవులకు విధింపబడిన ప్రప్రథమ కర్తవ్యము ఇదియే”

శ్రీ నాగేశ్వర మహర్షి

“జ్ఞానసముపార్జన అనే నిచ్చెన ఎక్కడానికి పట్టుదల, నమ్మకము అనేవి రెండు ముఖ్యమైన మెట్లు. అవి లేకుండా ‘జ్ఞానసముపార్జన’ అను పదము వ్రాయవచ్చు, మాట్లాడవచ్చు, కానీ ఎప్పటికి సాధింపలేము.”

శ్రీ నాగేశ్వర మహర్షి

“When you do meditation, you get God-consciousness and undisturbed peace in you. That will be added as a plus point to your material benefits also”

Sri Vethathiri Maharshi

“There is no scale to physically measure your spiritual progress. Just observe yourself. Your way of talking, way of listening to others, and behaving with others should become lovable to all when you are progressing in spiritual path”

Sri Nageswar Maharshi

“Habit is destiny”

Sri Vethathiri Maharshi

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu

Welcome you
To Attain the Eternal Peace!!

What do we learn here?

Streamline Your Body, Mind & Soul With Meditation

  • Achieve good health and physical fitness.
  • Achieve self control & peace of mind.
  • Improve concentration, memory & coordination
  • Get rid of physical & mental stress
  • Achieve self confidence

Control of Temperament & Anger

  • Get rid of unwanted habits & temperaments
  • Achieve control over anger
  • Improve inner personality


  • Complete relaxation to the body and mind.
  • Boosting of general resistance and overall immunity.
  • Improvement of physical stamina and flexibility of body

What We Offer

We commit to support the human community to become free from suffering, help people with their spiritual growth and provide a safe and friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being.

Awakening of Kundalini, Meditation, Activation of Chakras and Introspection

  • The Kundalini is activated and raised upto Ajna Chakra and Sahasrar Chakra through Shakthipath by a well trained and experienced Master!
  • Kundalini Meditation make you calm, composed, harmonious, lovable and peaceful!

Nutrition Strategies

  • Correct your food habit according to your body constitution under the surveillance of nutrition experts.
  • Make your immunity system strong enough to fight disease by adding little changes in food habits.

Kayasiddhi Yoga

  • A Siddha Yogic practice that involves recycling of Sexual Vital Fluid through which the sexual energy is converted into physical energy, psychic energy (will power), and spiritual energy.
  • By practicing Kaya Siddhi regularly one remains celebate.

Beginners’ Classes

Get initiated now!

Learn to meditate!

Learn to relax!

Learn to live successfully & peacefully!

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Achieving World Peace

Individual peace leads to family peace!!

Family peace ultimately lead to Peace in the society

which inturn result in The World Peace!!!

Free Interactive Session on Appointment

Dr. Sudha Mayi

Contact: +91 98480 50178, +91 93981 02384

Benefits & Outcomes

  1. Good Physical and Mental Health

    Self Healing and prevention of oncoming diseases.

  2. Balance of Mind

    Achievement of Mental Balance through temperament control.

  3. Stress Relief

    Relief from all sorts of mental and physical stress.

  4. Better Sleep

    Good quality of sleep.

  5. Stress Control

    Good control over all stress related problems like high blood pressure and diabetes etc.

  6. Enrichment

    Enrichment of all brain faculties such as memory, concentration and coordination etc.

  7. Improved Skills

    Enhanced personal & professional skills.

  8. Harmony with Society

    Good public relationship, improved skills leading to successful personal and professional life.

  9. Strong Will Power

    Enormously strengthened will power that leads to success in all the aspects of life.

  10. Realisation of Self

    Attainment of Moksh or Salvation which is the only and ultimate goal of human life.


Siddha Vidya Peettham Ashramam is established to provide a serene atmosphere to the yoga aspirants with all the facilities. Construction activity is going on, Being supported by donations from charitable people from all the sections of society.

Your Contribution is Highly Appreciated for this Divine Cause


We are building Rooms, Dormitories, Conference hall, New Kitchen and Dining Hall.

Plantation, Landscaping and Maintenance works

Help us to keep a green and ecofriendly environment for the entire community to enjoy and share.

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Donate to the Purified Water Plant

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