About Us

Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga Foundation

Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary, spiritual organization with objectives to serve mankind and relieve them from suffering by making them aware of spiritualism in its true sense. With the teachings of ancient Siddhas and Mahans, we provide guidance for people to attain higher levels of Consciousness, enable personal and spiritual growth, and help them lead a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life.

Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga - SSKY

Guru Sri Nageswara Maharshi, through his persistent endurance attained Divine Knowledge and Self Realization under the auspices of the Ancient Siddhas and his guru Yogiraj Sri Vedadri Maharshi. With his enlightenment experience, he designed a unique method of Yoga called Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga which is suitable to be practiced by everyone in the present-day society, regardless of caste, creed, religion, marital status etc.

Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga constitutes systematic practices of –

  • Simple Yoga Asanas
  • Activation of Chakras & Meditations
  • Kaya Siddhi Yoga
  • Guidance on Self-Introspection
  • Explanation about the Universal Consciousness or God
  • Methodical practice to attain Self Realization (Moksh or Salvation)

These practices liberate one from day-to-day problems, maintain good health and transform oneself to lead a comfortable, hassle-free, successful and peaceful life. One would be able to achieve their spiritual goals in addition to fulfillment of worldly aspirations.

To make this spiritual education accessible to everyone, Guru Sri Nageswara Maharshi established an ashram by name “Siddha Vidya Peettham” in Papavinashanam village, Andhra Pradesh, India. Courses are being conducted in the ashram, several SSKY centers in Andhra Pradesh, and online too.

Siddha Vidya Peettham ashram offers a unique experience, provides accommodation to rejuvenate oneself in a pleasant, solitary, and nourishing environment and encourages one to travel inward to attain physical, mental relaxation and spiritual progression.