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Basic Course


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Retreat  at Siddha Vidyapeettham Ashramam
Every Month 2nd Friday – Sunday


1. Introduction of Siva Siddhi Kundalini Yoga

2. Initiation into Agna chakra meditation, Sahasrara Chakra and Santhi Dhyanam.

3. Teaching of the practice of Kayasiddhi and its benefits (Physical, Psychological and Spiritual benefits)

4. Discourses on

* Nature & Functioning of God

* Cause &Effect Theory into human life and it’s implementation

* Benefits of Blessings. Analysis of Thoughts. Control of 6 temperaments.

* Anger issues with siblings, relatives and friends and colleagues and management of anger issues.

* Moralisation of desires.

5. Simple Yogasanas

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Ashramam – Retreat to Body, Mind & Soul, Online Course

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